Dec 9, 2021 • 24M

Nir Eyal on why we get distracted (Part 2)

How to kill meetings and avoid the terror of To-Do lists

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Daniel Ross
Interviews with the experts, entertainers and academics in the weird, wonderful and creative world of behavioural science.
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Fellow BSers,

Welcome to another episode of 'A Load of BS: The Behavioural Science Podcast'. This week, I welcome back psychologist, technologist and businessman Nir Eyal to talk more about habits and distractions; what forms them and how we overcome the worst of them.

This episode is no different from part 1 for its tempo, energy and richness of content. Today however, we're zooming in on distractions rather than the subject of habits.

These 25 minutes are packed with practical and simple tips on how to value and manage your time better. Get rid of those to do lists, cancel all pointless meetings immediately and drop into the mind of Nir Eyal.

Today, we're talking about:

  • Why we get distracted

  • The internal and external triggers of distraction

  • The 4 steps to becoming Indistractable

  • The terror of to-do lists

  • Why we love meetings, and how to run them better

And of course Nir's quick fire round including his favourite book recommendation:

‘Alchemy: The Magic of Original Thinking in a World of Mind-Numbing Conformity’ by Rory Sutherland

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Now prepare to be distracted, again.