Dr Jesse Bering on suicide, sex & fetishesListen now (33 min) | The taboo trifecta you never imagined
Dr Jesse Bering on the afterlifeListen now (33 min) | Back again next week for Part 2
On the meaning of life, finally
David Aaronovitch on conspiracy theoriesListen now (56 min) | Believe everything I say
2021: My Year of Total BSListen now | Monday BS #14: 27.12.21
Rory Sutherland & Pete Dyson on Transport for HumansListen now (68 min) | Designing transport systems for human, rather than engineers', consumption
On rituals and synchrony
Nir Eyal on why we get distracted (Part 2)Listen now (24 min) | How to kill meetings and avoid the terror of To-Do lists
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