Sep 23, 2021 • 15M

Rory Sutherland in jail in Qatar

The BONUS episode

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Fellow BSers,

Welcome to a BONUS episode, the final piece in the trilogy, the climax to this interview triptych with ad man, author and BS aficionado Rory Sutherland. I’m linking Parts 1 and 2 here for those of you careless enough to miss them.

This bonus is a perfect digestif cum coda, the Thursday eau de vie that you’ve been looking for, a 15 minute morsel to electrify your 574th consecutive tracksuit bottomed home lunch.

The Last Supper

Hanging on rather desperately to gastronomic descriptors (and since Rory was behind bars overnight, I’ll let the fateful metaphor extend), this podcast is a final treat from Rory, in which he shares his story of airport arrest and a spine tingling 24 hours in jail in Qatar.

I think Rory should take his story on tour. If grand thesps like Sir Ian McKellen and David Baddiel can do it, why on earth not SuperTED Rory?

In this episode, find out why Rory was arrested, why his cravat was confiscated, alongside riffs on solving defects in Amazon Prime delivery and Rory's self-invented and Beatles inspired SI unit for regret.

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As a final treat, we are giving away a limited number of signed copies of Rory's book Alchemy: The Magic of Original Thinking in a World of Mind Numbing Conformity.

To win one, go to Twitter via the ‘Share’ button below, post a review of this show, tag me in @danielsjross so I know who you are and you’re in with a fair chance!


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