Sep 16, 2021

Paul Craven on markets, magic & mental short cuts (Part 2)

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Interviews with the experts, entertainers and academics in the weird, wonderful and creative world of behavioural science.
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Hi everyone,

Welcome to Part 2 of my interview with behavioural economics expert Paul Craven. After almost 30 years in asset management working for the city’s biggest names, Paul’s passion is understanding “how real people make real decisions in the real world.” Paul gives over 50 talks a year around the world to audiences from investors to doctors to lawyers to entrepreneurs explaining the tricks our minds play. Here’s one of them, and is the basis of Paul’s website logo:

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If you missed Part 1 of this interview, you can find it here. There, we left off on the question of generalisation vs. specialization; and that’s where we pick up Part 2.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • The benefits of a polymathic approach to life

  • Transactions vs. relationships

  • Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle

  • Skill vs. luck and

  • Minimising errors vs. maximising winners

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