A Load of BS on Sport: The Behavioural Science Podcast
A Load of BS on Sport: The Behavioural Science Podcast
Nate Barr & Shannon O'Malley wrapping it up

Nate Barr & Shannon O'Malley wrapping it up

The big human challenges of our epoch

Introducing Nate and Shannon

Today is the last episode in my collaboration with BEworks and so I’m wrapping it up in a bow with Nate Barr and Shannon O’Malley of that very stable. We share our highlights of the series and what the future holds for BS and BEworks.

Nate is a Scientific Advisor at BEworks. In addition, he is a Professor of Creativity and Creative Thinking at Sheridan College. We don’t dive into creativity in this show, but I’m tempted to invite Nate back to learn from him - I love finding better ways to generate bigger, less obvious and more arresting ideas.

Among his many writing areas, he’s a specialist in pseudo-profound bullshit. He might have come to the right place.

Shannon earned her PhD in Cognitive Psychology where she studied the role of attention and visual processing. She doesn’t miss a beat! Over her career, she has developed and taught psychology and behaviour at Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, and at the University of Waterloo and is passionate about helping clients apply behavioural science. Sounds ideal then to help me bring this series to a close!

Final shout out to my partner BEworks

I'm proud to say that I’m publishing ‘A Load of BS: a practitioner's guide to the BS galaxy’ in harness with my partner BEworks, one of the very best behavioural science consultancies in the world, co-founded by Dan Ariely and Nina Mazar.

BEworks is a multidisciplinary team of behavioural scientists and psychologists working on complex challenges across financial services to healthcare to sustainability, helping businesses reimagine a future in which individuals flourish and prosper. If you're interested in what they're up to, you might check out their BEcurious blog or drop CEO Wardah Malik and the team a line at info@BEworks.com.

Take a look at our full line-up of guests here.

Show notes

  • Surprises and learning: what does it really mean to be a behavioural scientist practitioner?

  • Issues at the centre of our zeitgeist: our money, healthcare, sustainability

  • Meeting the drop in the bucket challenge

  • Understanding the Anthropocene: our human epoch and disruptions to earth’s systems

  • Language affects the experience and outcome

  • Pandemic induced fractured nature of our health systems

  • How to board a bus in Santiago, Chile; making payment easy

  • What are the big human challenges before us which would benefit from behavioural solutions?

  • Why don’t more businesses apply psychology to daily life?

  • Challenging the predominance of nudge theory

Next time: Mother Superior in nipple tassels

Next time on A Load of BS, I welcome behavioural scientist Patrick Fagan to the show.

Described by comedian David Mitchell as a "Mother Superior in nipple tassels". Each to their own I suppose.

Patrick in Dr Evil mode

Patrick takes psychological academia and applies it to business. Have your notepad at the ready for lots of tips and tricks.

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A Load of BS on Sport: The Behavioural Science Podcast
A Load of BS on Sport: The Behavioural Science Podcast
A Load of BS on Sport: The Behavioural Science Podcast dives deep into the psychology of what makes elite performers tick; how they think about success and failure, how they find and maintain peak performance, how they manage fear and adversity, how they make decisions under pressure, how they deal with risk and uncertainty.