Oct 21, 2021 • 26M

Gerald Ashley on risk and uncertainty (Part 2)

On short-term pressures and long-term fragility

Daniel Ross
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Interviews with the experts, entertainers and academics in the weird, wonderful and creative world of behavioural science.
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Fellow BSers,

Welcome to A Load of BS: The Behavioural Science Podcast with me Daniel Ross. Today, my guest once again is Gerald Ashley, a re-formed financial markets man and now BS expert with strong interests in change, risk and decision making.

Indeed, Gerald has written books on the subject, is a regular media contributor and happily is hitting the live speaking circuit again after too long a gap. That story we know.

Today, we're talking about:

  • Our over connected world and the pressures this brings

  • Pandemic costs

  • The BS replication crisis and its party tricks

  • Unsettling science

  • And, of course, we end with Gerald's quick fire round

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We pick up today's conversation with another though on the subject of connectivity.

Book recommendations:

Gerald's own books:

And finally…

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Next week, I'm interviewing Dr Jesse Bering on the science of the afterlife and other evolutionary taboos. So until next time.

Enjoy the show!