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Chris Rawlinson on education

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Daniel Ross
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Interviews with the experts, entertainers and academics in the weird, wonderful and creative world of behavioural science.
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Introducing Chris Rawlinson

Chris is massively dyslexic, runs an education company and is a qualified pilot. He is also a cancer survivor, former vineyard owner and (to his wife’s chagrin) a massive LEGO enthusiast having reached the rarefied air of completing the 1m long Saturn 5 rocket, a space shuttle, a mini Yoda and the Porsche 911. Christmas and birthdays are easy with Chris.

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Moreover, Chris is a creative spark and all round lovely human being who is consistently kind and generous with me. And that’s what I love about him most.

In this episode we talk about his online education company 42 Courses and how behavioural science has influenced its formation and growth. Chris is a joy to listen to.

Show notes

  • What is 42 Courses and the BS principles behind it

  • Chris’s unusual background: vineyard owner, commercial pilot, then Ogilvy revamping digital training programmes

  • Weaknesses of most e-learning platforms

  • Chris’s dyslexia & love of learning

  • Matt Mullenweg and other random connections

  • Influence of Sir Ken Robinson, his TED talk – need for an education revolution & the benefit of not being an academic

  • Creating the feel of an internship at 42 Courses

  • Support of Rory Sutherland and Dan Bennett at Ogilvy

  • BS principles informing 42 Courses: storytelling, make learning more accessible (regular praise), chunking lessons, gamification, social norms, curating without overloading

  • Why is traditional education behind the BS curve?

  • Measuring engagement and success at 42 Courses

  • Course personalisation, choice architecture around new courses

  • What online learning looks like today: from Coursera to Masterclass

  • Non-education inspirations for 42 Courses

  • Gradeless teaching and the value of conventional certifications

  • Virtual Reality in education

Next time with Dilip Soman and Nina Mažar

Next time, I’m talking about translating behavioural science from the laboratory and into the wild, the subject of Dilip and Nina’s soon to be published book ‘Behavioural Science in the Wild’.

Amongst other roles, Dilip is Director of Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman School of Management, where Nina was also formerly co-Director.

Pre-order your copy of the book here as this subject matter is absolutely crucial to widespread application of BS beyond the neat cafeteria experiments at MIT, Harvard and Stanford. It’s a compilation of essays and so is rich with varied insight and case study.

Dilip and Nina are two of the most respected scientists in their field and I was honoured to talk with them.

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