Aug 4, 2021 • 19M

Audio version: If it’s ok for Meghan Markle, it’s ok for me

The inspiring story of Tshepo the Jean Maker

Daniel Ross
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Dear friends,

I originally published my story about Tshepo the Jean Maker in June. It had one of the best responses of all my pieces so far. And no wonder, because Tshepo is inspiring and he speaks from the heart.

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Tshepo presents his hand-made baby Archie jeans to mum Meghan

In this recording, I talk about:

  • The unexpected visit from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2019

  • Growing up in downtrodden Tsakane under the influence of his aunt and grandparents

  • Becoming Tshepo the Jean Maker

  • The celebrity following

  • Hope for the future

I always encourage my readers and listeners to share these stories. In this case, I really urge you to take a moment to share and tweet - the more we do this, the sooner Tshepo’s beautiful Presidential Slim Fit jeans will make it to the UK!


Enjoy, and till next time!