Sir Martin Sorrell on deal making, motivation & holding power in advertisingListen now (51 min) | Get your unique link below to win rewards
Work is not for charity It’s seen as less acceptable, is it not, for charity executives to earn big bucks. It’s commonplace of course to kick…
Dave Trott on rebels and rejectsListen now (68 min) | Pearls of wisdom from an advertising legend
Dilip Soman & Nina Mažar on BS in the wildListen now (60 min) | Translating experiments from the lab into the real world
Chris Rawlinson on educationListen now (49 min) | Refer friends and win swag
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John Cleese & Rory Sutherland on creativity and playListen now (50 min) | And check out the great rewards
BONUS: Human Risk podcast interviews meListen now (64 min) | Talking A Load of BS
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